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Socratic Questioning

I was trying to have classroom conversations that did not dry up after the first few questions. When I behaved as the ‘Sage on the

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How to Introduce Coaching

In this extra edition – the quickest coaching introduction for a group of students or staff. First Coaching Experience My first experience of the word

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Tell-tale Stress Signs

Imagine you are holding an elastic band between your left and right hands. The more you pull, the longer the band gets. True? It’s only

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Tip # 5 – Assessments

Assessments can be carried out in a multitude of different ways. Some subjects lend themselves better to paper-and-pencil assessment, others require student’s performance on stage,

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Tip #3 – Collaboration

As you can see in the previous blog about working in groups, the rules and the group work roles lend themselves towards collaboration. However, many

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Tip # 1 – Groups

One way of including a range of different students is to work with groups. Groups function like small classes within the classroom. ​The groups can

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