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if all teachers & students had a life & well-being coach?

C4E is a part of a nonprofit coaching certification program that provides 4 pro-bono life and wellness professional coaching sessions for licensed teachers and school administrators so they become expert life and learning coaches in their classrooms and schools. C4E recruits already credentialed, professional coaches, to coach these educators to enhance their personal well-being and their ability to use the coaching-approach, so they, in turn, empower their students to do the same!

Be a pro-bono coach for educators.

Are you a certified professional coach ready to give back? Read about being a C4E Coach and if it sounds right for you, begin by attending a C4E Coaches Roundtable Zoom Conference to learn more and sign up.

C4E for

We are dedicated to giving educators the coaching skills needed to improve their own well-being, their relationships with students, and their classroom outcomes. Check out our credentialed coaching program for educators.

The power of educators as life coaches.

Enjoy our RESOURCES that provide  information and research about how powerful coaching educators can be to enhance life & learning outcomes as well as add to the tipping point of the shift of the education system!

Why C4E?

Educators &
students are


Poor teacher-student relationships lead to increases in frustration and educational outcomes that can negatively impact society. Educators are stressed, overwhelmed and burned out, trying to keep up with the external demands of the system.

Students are faced with epidemics of toxic stress, suicide, violence, depression, addiction and chronic disease.

When educators wish to make simple or complex changes, they are often limited by confusion, distrust, fear and overwhelm. The lack of scientifically proven frameworks for change make striving for progress challenging.

Positive Impact

According to coaching research, professional coaching helps educators break through limitations and move toward their visions, and goals, one step at a time.

The coaching process results is an empowering new mindset and “way of being” through developing:

    • CONNECTION – which is the missing link to improving the root causes of personal challenges. Connection is “the energy that exists when an individual is truly seen, heard and valued without judgement.”


  • INTRINSIC GOAL SETTING SKILLS – which is the most sustainable way to build self-agency, self-worth, self-efficacy, and self-discipline, which all play a part in feeling fulfilled and successful.

C4E Helps

Coaching in education is beginning to be recognized as a crucial component of the future success of our students and the sanity of our educators.

Through 10 years of action research in schools, we have seen what happens to classrooms and students when educators receive professional coaching. They feel more resilient (less stressed) to classroom management problems and more overall satisfied with their job. Their students become more self-regulated and connected to themselves, their peers and their teachers. Their excitement and  engagement of their own learning process increases, and is more fun and meaningful. The return on investment is high for everyone!

The Power of

Coaching Educators

Coaches! Check out our blog written just for you about how powerful it is to coach educators! Thank you!

The Power of

Coaching in Education

Check out our research briefs that summarize coaching research showing just how powerful it is!

Socratic Questioning

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How to Introduce Coaching

In this extra edition – the quickest coaching introduction for a group of students or staff. First Coaching Experience My first experience of the word

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Empowered Educators

=Empowered Students


C4E and You

We believe in the POWER of coaching in education and hold the vision that every educator is a coach in their classroom and school.

C4E provides professional life and well-being coaching to educators to support them and give them a taste of empowerment.

Being coached helps teachers want to learn more about the coaching-approach, and understand how they are already using the power of coaching in their classrooms.

Educators get to choose coaches from around the world or in their own community if available, for a life-changing experience. Each coaching session is completed with follow-up activities & coaching feedback by the educator.​

C4E is an "Adventure" within the nonprofit, i.b.mee.'s, Empowerment Education Program which is designed to effectively support teachers and school leaders to SHIFT into a new, trauma-informed, healthy paradigm of education based in the art and science of the coaching approach.

Martin Richards

"Creator of C4E"

“When I was a teacher, this is the kind of support I longed for. So, I created C4E.”

Read more about Martin.

We Need You!

C4E provides a platform for certified, professional coaches from all over the world to give educators a first experience of the art and science of coaching.

Taking on 4+ hours of your coaching time each year for free may require you to sacrifice some income, but the return on investment can be thousands of dollars.

Volunteer Info

Become a part of our coaching team!

We ask you to give 4 hours of coaching to educators.

To support them in taking back personal control of any area of their lives.

So they can have an experience of what it feels like to be truly supported in a nonjudgmental way so it opens them up to be able to do that with their students.

To help them learn to believe and trust in their creative abilities and intuition.

3 Steps to Making a Difference.

C4E needs YOU to help improve the lives’ of educators. Our research shows that just a few sessions of life and well-being coaching has enormous benefits to educators and their students as well. We make it easy for you to give your gift. 

Any certified professional life coach who has a coaching credential or is close to obtaining one.

1. Attend the
C4E Roundtable

Participate in the hour Zoom Event below to see if C4E is right for you. Meet Martin and Meg, other coaches, and ask questions.

We would love to meet you! Many coaches who attend, learn things they never knew about coaching in education and how important it is.

If you can’t attend the monthly Roundtable for some reason, let us know below on our contact form and we will contact you.

We can always schedule another Roundtable at a better time for you!

2. Complete Profile
& Sync Calendar

C4E Coaches have their own home base on our website where their coaching bio and available coaching hours are housed.

Educators will get to know you and book sessions through your Coach Profile.

You will login to your Coach Dashboard to set-up your calendar, set available dates, and sync with Zoom (or Google Meet). You can also sync your Google Calendar or iCal to instantly receive booking info on your personal calendar.

3. Contribute 4 Hours of Coaching

Help educators around the world or in your own community unlock their full potential with online coaching.

Once a session is booked with you by an educator, you will receive the video chat link and you are ready to go. Read our Q&A below for more information.


Educators everywhere are stretched almost to breaking point. One of the first steps to shift this is for them to experience what it feels like, maybe for the first time, to be personally coached. They rarely get to focus on themselves to build and maintain their self-care and well-being. No matter what challenge they are breaking through, YOU, as their C4E coach will support them in learning how important they are and how taking time with someone who connects with them is life-changing. This allows them to begin to hold that connected space for their students in the classroom. 


In the world of psychology, we know that as individuals begin to have more compassion for themselves, and are more satisfied with their lives, it positively affects everyone around them. As more educators are coached by certified professional coaches, they begin to care more deeply and easily for themselves. This sets a good neurological foundation for them develop more resilience to challenges in their classrooms and schools and be able to show up more authentically.  When everyone is operating in this connected way, imagine how it affects relationships, communities, and the Earth!

A global network of coaching professionals who care deeply about how educators live their lives and show up as role models for our young people in schools. Globally, there are millions of students and educators.

C4E is a program under the nonprofit -501(c)(3), International Body-Mind Empowerment Enterprises or i.b.mee. (I Be Me), located in Asheville North Carolina USA.  C4E is a part of a bigger vision, training, and strategic plan to support the shift of the current education system into a healthy and empowering one, where the coaching-approach is the core communication and mindset. 

Educators who are in i.b.mee.’s program can choose to continue on after C4E to become certified as an Empowerment Coach for their classroom and school. So your connection with them is critical.

  • Satisfaction of giving back to a community who will really appreciate coaching in general and specifically your skills.
  • Giving back so this generation of students have a different experience in the classroom.
  • Knowing that educators will naturally begin to use the coaching-approach to help young people in schools because the empowering system that underlies coaching will naturally integrate into their nervous systems (as you know).
  • Pride and gratitude that you are making excellent use of your coaching skills.
  • More of an understanding about the new-paradigm of education (…if you want to learn more).
  • Experience of working with people from other countries and cultures (if you want to).
  • Practical qualities including patience, tolerance, and determination.
  • Time to learn new ideas and concepts around coaching in education.
  • A sincere understanding of what is working and not working in schools and in the lives of educators.


  • Generous, open, professional life, wellness or executive coaches who know that the act of giving is a reward they are seeking. 
  • Individuals who are willing to give 4 or more hours of pro-bono coaching/year to teachers, principles, headmasters, and other school educators.
  • Individuals with a professional coaching credential (or close to it) from an organization like the ICF (International Coaching Federation) or the Coaching Credentialing Agency (BCC). See a list of these credentials here.
  • Individuals who have been coaching clients regularly and will continue coaching clients regularly (at least 50 hours in their tool box).
  • Those who speak English.
  • Those coaches who are happy to share their coaching passion and skills with motivated educators.
  • Those who are open to the research that this type of coaching-approach is foundational to thriving students and a healthy and empowering education system.


We divide our coaching program for educators into 3 semesters or terms, Fall, Spring, and Summer. We ask that you give 4 hours of coaching in at least 1 semester. But of course, you get to choose how many semesters you are available. Sometimes you will have 1 educator that stays with you for 4 sessions, and another semester/term you could have 2, 3 or 4 educators that take up your 4 hours of coaching.

We have another powerful coaching event for educators called Quick Coaching where Educators dive right in to the coaching process with a partner.  We highly encourage our C4E coaches to attend 1 or more of these a year. When educators are paired with coaches, their learning is even more potent!

Since we are a nonprofit, and some educators do not have the funds to pay for coaching, we ask you not to sell your coaching services to the C4E educators while coaching them. After their four C4E sessions are complete and if they ask you for your paid coaching services, then you can send them your coaching services information.

First, to be listened to and understood, so that they can hear themselves more and become more aware of what they are thinking. Then, to explore what they want in their lives and find resources and strategies to achieve that. They get to have the experience of what it feels like to be connected with and not judged, so they begin to build the skill to do this with their students. They get to begin to feel what it feels like to build their agency especially in the school system and make choices that they value more and more. 

The wonderful people that work in our schools need and deserve more support and self-care. Many educators experience major stress every day and are losing their passion for teaching. They don’t have the time to connect to the students and give them what they really need and this is frustrating for them.  From our research, coaches, like you, can support them with these challenges.

Moreover, teachers can work 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet, so spending $75+ dollars for a coaching session is probably not a priority. They do not have the time to figure out what this type of coaching is much less know what coach is “good”. 

They take a short online master Adventure and a participatory event about coaching called Listening from the Heart. We also ask educators to attend our Quick Coaching a couple of times before they sign up for C4E. 


Mostly from public, charter and private schools from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Educators choose the coach that fits their schedule and time zone, and the one they think will be a good fit by reading your C4E Coaching Profile on the back end of the C4E website. 

You do NOT have to choose your educator. You make your coaching profile “active” and they will choose you. 

Once you fill out a C4E Coaching Profile Form, you will get a link to fill in your available coaching times. You can change these times easily. 

You show up just like you would for any paying client. You are modeling for the educator how to listen, and ask powerful questions so they can have the experience of building healthy and empowering relationships. The educator will sign a C4E coaching agreement so on your first session, all you have to do is connect and get started!


We highly encourage you not to cancel a session. But we know periodically things do happen that are an emergency. So you would just contact your educator yourself through text, email or phone call and reschedule.

If a C4E educator cancels, then the educator must contact you within 24 hours of the session and reschedule. If the educator does not do this, they will lose their session. (They can get it back, but they have to contact us.)


We ask you to use your best judgement. If for some reason the educator is rude or un-coachable, you can set a boundary and ask the educator to try another coach. We have never had this happen, but if it did, we would like for you to let us know right away so we can support the educator.

Ready to

Attend the C4E


Contribute your knowledge, questions and concerns.


Decide if you would like to be a part of this volunteer program.


Connect with current C4E Coaches
& Staff.

“Education is a gateway to everything else, and without empowered educators, that gateway isn’t as wide and flourishing as it could be.”

– Martin Richards | C4E Founder


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