Why Coach Educators? What C4E Coaches say

Why Coach Educators? What C4E Coaches say

In the interview, we ask coaches “Why do you want to coach an educator?”

I was a teacher for 27 years and would love to be able to help other educators to be their best.

Donna Burfield ACC
Educators are carers and devote so much time and energy to others and forget to practice self-care. Students absorb everything and if the educators are being heard, validated, and excited about their work/life then this will have a wonderful impact in the classroom and with other staff members (especially around the water cooler!).

Dr Sraban Mukherjee P.C.C.(ICF), Certified Coach Supervisor
To help them grow

Maria Rosa Sallaberry, NLC
Because I want to contribute to improve education

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani, PCC, CPCC
Educators have the future generation in thier care and they deserve all the resources to do their job at the best of their ability.

Seema Sethi, BEd Hons, MA Educational Leadership and School Improvement, ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor
I believe that educators have the power to influence changes in the world, to make our world a better place. They are on the frontline of this incredible profession and make a difference in every child’s life and because I believe they need to have a development opportunity without judgement, where I as coach can hold the space for them to be themselves.

Rosine Suire, ACC, CPCC
Because educators are the coaches of my children and impact people’s lives greatly with what they do and say.

Konstantina Kanaroglou CPCC, ACC, ORSC Practitioner
I am passionate about the new education paradigm

Suhair Fakhoury PCC, CPCC
For healthier well being and higher awareness of self and others that can lead to better learning experience and education students.

Million Teshome, CPCC, ACC
I truly believe coaching educators means coaching thousands of students. That brings a huge impact not only on the educator’s well-being but student education and their well-being, which allows us to expand growth and love to the society and countries that we all want and need.

Anita Barboza, ACC, CPCC
My goal as a coach is to make coaching accessible to those who need it, so joining C4E helps me achieve that goal.

Jill Yashinsky-Wortman, MA, CPCC, ACC
Education is a gateway to everything else, and without educators, that gateway isn’t as wide and flourishing as it could be.

Gina Howell
They have a huge influence on the next generation.

Marlene Philippou, CPCC, ACC, Licensed Career Coach
It is highly related to my background. I have been in educational coaching and mentoring for the past 25 years, I am a strong believer in the great value that educators bring! To be in the position to coach and support educators as a result, is a privilege for me. As someone who has seen from first hand, the magical transformation that coaching can bring in a person’s life, I am more than excited to offer this opportunity to any educator with whom I will be fortunate to coach here, on this platform. I do advocate that coaching should go into schools and educational institutions and so I see this, as a great start to working towards this noble notion. To complete the ‘mission’, it is my conviction that not only do we need to coach educators, but also parents and students.

Susan Shirley, MBA, ACC
As the sister of two teachers and the parent of two children, I have seen the challenges teachers face in both public and private schools. I believe teachers deserve coaches so they can devote time to their own professional and personal development.

Catherine Le Liboux, ACC, CPCC
Coaching process has been life-changing for me and I personally believe that integrating coaching with education system & the educators is a game-changer. Imagine what life would be to have teachers with growth mindset amplifying their impact to empower and light up students to do the same, that would touch many lives early on in their lives and maximize their potentials and make our world a much better place.

Samantha Chesler
I am an educator and want to widen the circle of my coaching to include Pro-bono work as I have seen the profound influence of coaching on individual teachers.

Cristina Muehl
I’m a parent and I know how important it is to have good educators

Dorothée Oung
To fulfill my mission to have a positive impact in the lives of others.

Mariapia Di Palma
I have passion for coaching, especially in the field of personal/professional development and education, and I am already a coach of C4E.

Leonie Hurrell
As an ex-educator myself I understand the importance of seeking coaching support to develop both personally and professionally.

Ana Escarpenter
The whole educational system can benefit (and needs) coaching, to raise the level of consciousness of our future generations

Ruby Madani
to fulfill a purpose bigger than myself that can benefit others

Rakesh Lazar
To make available an experience into the power of coaching to the ones who nurture future leaders.

Andrea Dray
I’m passionate about helping others and I want contribute what I can in order to cause a positive ripple effect.

Christian Worth
Educators mission weighs so much on the future of society ! If I can help, I want to.

Fabrice Catan
Make sense as some of my relatives are educators and I know coaching can help them

Tania Solis Camara
Because serving those who serve is part of my life purpose