Personal Support for Educators

Certified Life and Wellness Coaches

 We provide a virtual platform where experienced, professional life and wellness coaches provide 4 hours of pro-bono coaching to licensed educators. 

Who can join C4E as a volunteer coach?

Professional, credentialed life and wellness coaches who have been coaching clients regularly for at least a year.  Check out our list of accepted coaching credentialing agencies we accept.

For Licensed Educators

We inform educators about what this type of coaching is, encourage them to be coached,  inspire them to find out more about coaching, and begin to use a coaching approach in their work as an educator.

Who can benefit?

Principals, headmasters, experienced teachers, and newly-qualified teachers who…

  • work in public, charter or private schools with students from 3 to 18 years old.
  • are committed to the long-term and continuous care and development of themselves and young people.
  • seek to take a moment to reflect and review what’s been working and not working in their lives.
  • are ready to regain self-control of an area of their life and increase clarity of purpose.
  • want to renew their energy and enthusiasm for teaching.


see educators and their students thriving, despite the challenges of the current education system.

How does life and wellness coaching support thriving?

When education professionals wish to make simple or complex changes, they are often limited by confusion, distrust, fear and overwhelm. The lack of scientifically proven frameworks for change makes striving for progress challenging.

However, according to recent research, life and wellness coaching helps educators break through those limitations and move toward their visions, and goals, one step at a time. 

This results in a new “way of being” and doing their work that they find more enjoyable. 

The result of this process is called Thriving.


Martin Richards

Founder of Coaching for Educators (C4E)

 “When I was a teacher, this is the kind of support I longed for. So, I created it.”

Martin is from Gothenburg, Sweden retired from employment in 2018, and is currently directing C4E in order to live his dream of providing coaching support for educators.

Read: The Role of Life and Wellness Coaching in Education: Interview with martin Richards Manuscript

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...because the value of all humans matter!



collaborate across countries.  C4E certified life and wellness coaches and educators come from all around the world. Currently, we offer coaching in the following languages: English, Spanish, and French.