The Power of Coaching in Education – April 2022

Imagine if educators received life coaching – what might that bring to the world of education?
What might that bring to the World?

The non-profit organisation C4E offers professional coaching to educators.
The experience of being coached is our gift to the education world.

C4E Coach Perspective

What nudges coaches into considering giving four hours of their time to an educator?

C4E coach, Susan said this:

“As the sister of two teachers and the parent of two children, I have seen the challenges teachers face in both public and private schools. I believe teachers deserve coaches so they can devote time to their own professional and personal development.”

Educator Feedback

Educator, Katrina, received C4E Coaching. She gave us this feedback:

“I had no expectations when I applied to C4E. I had never been through coaching before and I wasn’t clear about what it involved. It was amazing how he was able to see what I needed to work on during the sessions. The coaching was fantastic. Truly. My coach also sent things after the sessions that he thought would help me. More people need to know about this service!”

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At C4E we imagine a world where educators have access to professional coaches, and we see school leaders and teachers adopting a growth mindset. We imagine them asking each other, students and parents, open-ended questions that engage the whole person in the conversations in the staffroom, classroom and corridors.

C4E is taking action to make that happen.

Is this the kind of world you want to create?

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