Listening from the Heart OPEN


Listening from the Heart OPEN is a 2.5 hour experiential adventure for educators who are ready to know what it is like to be coached.

  • This participatory event is for licensed public and private school teachers and school administrators.
  • Educators who would like our gift of 4 life and wellness coaching sessions, must attend this event first.
  • It is currently offered once a month. See times below.
  • Free Zoom Account Required (Get One Here)

The coach-approach is a communication methodology that is gaining popularity in classrooms and schools. Learning the effective skills of active listening, asking open-ended questions, and self-managing thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors are essential for building trusting, supportive, healthy, and empowered partnerships with students. As a result, no matter how academically, socially, or behaviorally challenged students may be, they will have the best opportunity to learn and reach their full potential.

LftH Open gives educators a basic understanding of the art and science of life and wellness coaching. By practicing listening from the heart, educators naturally will begin to build safe, compassionate, and inspiring learning environments. Begin your adventure into the coach-approach in education here.


Join other educators in a new-paradigm conversation about the importance of being seen, heard and valued.

In Listening from the Heart Open

  1. CONNECT with other educators in a friendly and safe atmosphere. 
  2. CONTRIBUTE your knowledge and stories to make a difference. 
  3. EXPERIENCE a heart-centered learning environment that you can easily use in your classroom. The innovative, new-paradigm learning methodology used in this Adventure is called The World Cafe.
  4. BEGIN to practice the art and science of the coach-approach which is the foundation of forming connected relationships.  
  5. PRACTICE self-awareness and a trusting and compassionate way of being.
  6. BEGIN to have the freedom, confidence and skills to know, love, trust and be yourself even more. This is what we have found in our research to be the core principle of Thriving.
  7. LEARN how to be a “coachee” (someone who receives coaching). This experience will prepare you for your C4E gift of life and wellness coaching.
  8. RECEIVE first steps of a high-level life and wellness coach-approach training that you can use in your classroom with your students in a simple and less expensive way. 

Benefits of Becoming a Coach in the Classroom

  1. Increases connection with yourself and your students and peers.
  2. Increases levels of trust and collaboration in your classroom.
  3. Helps students create intrinsically valued solutions and outcomes which increases their growth mindset and their intrinsic motivation to learn.
  4. Decreases stress levels and increases resilience.
  5. Can apply even the basics of the coach-approach right away in the classroom and see improved connections and more engagement especially with behaviorally challenged students. You learn to not take their behavior personally so you can meet them where they are.
  6. Increases your joy and satisfaction as an educator.


NOTE: Listening from the Heart-OPEN is one of the 4 Preparation Adventures  educators can choose to experience before they have the opportunity to enroll in our Empowerment Education for W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System Certification, where they will not only become a certified Life and Wellness Coach in the Classroom, (what we call a Student Empowerment Coach for teachers, or a Teacher Empowerment Coach for school leaders), but where they will also be trained in a complete system of how to shift their classroom and school into a places where all students can thrive. 

LftH Open Future Dates (New York City Time)