You deserve

a different type of support.

Attend Listening from the Heart - Open

Take the first step towards receiving the gift of coaching by attending this 2.5 hour Zoom event.


more ready-made solutions to give you. No more judgment of your teaching style or whether you forgot to turn in your lunch count.


you get to experience what it is like to be in a true empowered partnership where you are seen, heard and valued for who you are and your creative talents so YOU connect to your own solutions.

Certified life and wellness coaches support you in a conversation led by you.

What do you want to experience in your life, in your classroom, or school?

You are already creative, capable and complete. 

With the support of a professional life and wellness coach, you can recall the answers within you. 

By experiencing coaching in this way, you begin to create a personal change system for yourself and you can use it for a lifetime. 

You will also begin using it with your students …naturally, since it brings out the best in everyone.

You are worth it!

You supported us when we were learning,
so we want to give back!

“I never knew how powerful I was, until I was coached in this way.”
-Ng Xuandy, English Teacher - C4E Educator

3 Steps to Begin Coaching


Decide if You Want a Life and Wellness Coach.

Once you have a real experience of life and wellness coaching, you will understand why we think that every educator should have one. It is not about being broken or needing fixed; it’s about pulling out the greatness already inside you! Getting a coach makes a huge difference in the lives of the people around you too, especially young people. So, we and your students would love for you to go for it! You have nothing to lose but some time spent on YOU …which we have found from experience …pays off.  This program is for certified teachers, principals and currently working school staff. 

Educators must have a current license and school badge. 

Educators must speak English.

For more information, check out our FAQ’s below.


Register and attend the C4E Pre-Coaching Event.

Once you decide that you want to get coached by a C4E coach, we ask you to register and attend our “on-boarding” pre-coaching event called Listening from the Heart Open (LftH-Open) by clicking on the Listening from the Heart Logo anywhere on this page. An educator must attend this event BEFORE they can choose their coach. 

Once you click on the LftH-Open link you will:

(1) Register for LftH-Open. (You will be asked to choose a date; you can change it later if you need to.)

(2) Fill out a Coaching Sign-up Form” so we know you are interested in coaching. 

(3) After we receive your forms, you will automatically receive an email to create a username and password for your MyAdventure page where you will gain access to the ONLINE LftH-Open’s online Adventure which gives you information about the event and some basic concepts around life and wellness coaching in a fun and engaging way. When finished with this 15 minute Adventure, you will receive the Zoom link to the LftH-Open EVENT.

(3) Attend the LftH-Open EVENT, a powerful two-and-a-half-hour online group participatory zoom event that supports you in experiencing and practicing some of the foundational concepts and skills of effective coaching. (skills you can begin using right away in your classroom and school). You will also see a demonstration of coaching so you feel prepared before you go into your first coaching session. There will be time for questions and answers at the end. 


Choose a Coach and Begin Your Gift of Coaching.

After the LftH-Open Event, you will go back to your MyAdventure page and fill out a feedback form. Once this is complete, the C4E Coaching Profile webpage will be opened for you to see on your MyAdventure page. Click on that and find your coach!  Then you set up your time, and begin! 

3 Post Coaching Steps

As a “give-back” after you receive the gift of coaching, we will ask you to take 3 actions.


Fill out a Coaching Results Feedback Form.

Filling out our quick online feedback form after each of your coaching sessions will allow us to review how your coaching sessions affected you as well as keep what is working with the program and improve the things that are not. Completing the feedback form is what opens up your ability to enroll in your next coaching session. When all 4 feedback forms are complete, you will receive a coupon for 15% off our Empowerment Education Revolution Shop, and 50% off of the Listening from the Heart Series – Level I.  


Give an Optional Testimonial.

We will ask you for a testimonial on the feedback form about your coaching experience so we can share it with other educators to drum up some excitement! This is optional. 


Donate to the nonprofit. (Optional)

i.b.mee. gives out thousands of dollars in scholarships every year to educators and schools to integrate coaching into their classroom and schools. Every dollar donated goes a long way. We are professionals at doing big things with a few dollars. Our research shows that teachers who become masters of the coach-approach in the classroom feel more confident working with all types of students, even the most challenging ones, and therefore can more easily support them in reaching their full potential in school, relationships, and their career. When students love school and find their passions and share them with others, (and not become addicted to drugs or drop out of school), it saves up to 2.5 million dollars per student in healthcare and judicial costs for your community. Donating to i.b.mee. is always optional.


Life and wellness Coaching is a scientific and artistic process of connected communication between two individuals where “the coach” already sees the “coachee” as a creative, capable and complete human being. When you take part in coaching you learn to define, speak up for, and live your own “successful” experience in any situation or environment. Living from your own definition of success is not always easy, especially in a society that seems to be telling us what to do and how to do it, and then judges us at every turn to see if we are measuring up.

The coaching process consists of experiencing how the body and mind work together to move you forward with your highest and healthiest goals so you live a more balanced and satisfying life. You will become more resilient and empowered to take on life’s challenges, which leads to you experiencing more positive well-being and health. 

The coaching process centers on the core activities of:
1) clarifying what you want and why it is important to you,
2) determining what is standing in your way or blocking you from what you want,
3) deciding how to move forward,
4) assessing if you are getting what you want,
5) accepting and validating where you are in your process with patience and self-love, and learning to do things differently when needed, and
6) communicating what is truly real for you.


You will be supported in making the changes you want by working with a coach in a respectful, nonjudgmental, “empowered partner” relationship, where the coach knows that YOU already have the answers you need inside yourself. Your coach supports you in trusting new beliefs and feelings that will empower you to move forward in healthy, empowered ways that you really want. You will begin to confidently take action based on self-reflections, self-assessment, feelings, best thinking, and self-determined decisions and plans. Through a series of four coaching conversations, you will be more and more able to connect to your inner knowing and trust your next step.

It’s important to note that life and wellness coaching is not therapy, consulting, or mentoring. Your coach will not diagnose or use labels or want to explore your past, but will use effective life coaching techniques that he/she specializes in to support you in gaining the emotional or mental freedom (and calmness) you want in your life in the present and future. The past may be used as learning but only if you want it to be used. During the coaching process you will be asked powerful open-ended questions that will unleash all your inner resources so you become the driver of your actions. Your coach will occasionally share specific expertise where appropriate and upon your request, and then check in to see how this information “feels” to you. But ultimately, you take the session where you want to go.

Your job as coachee is to do your own thinking and feeling, therefore, you will always direct the conversation. There are never any wrong answers, there are only your own answers that are important to you. You are encouraged to accept, decline, or suggest an alternative to any coaching question and reroute the conversation should you realize that a different direction would be more beneficial. Your experiences and opinions are the foundation of the session. If you want to figure out a new way to teach your students, you will find it. The coach will set up the relationship so you will begin to trust what you value and believe in and work toward making that happen in your classroom. The direction of the coaching conversation is always in your hands; in coaching, the expert on you -is always you…YOU trusting YOU. The coaching process itself is the most powerful and sustainable method of learning.

The cost of coaching can be out of reach for many educators. (from $75/€85 to $1500/€1800 per hour) We created this program because we know the power of coaching and what it will positively do for our educators, students, schools, and ultimately the education system. We see a coach in every classroom (educators using the coach-approach) as well as a new position in every school for a certified life and wellness coach to not only support the staff but to support the school in shifting into a healthy and empowering learning environment.

If you are a licensed public, charter or private school teacher or administrator (principal, headmaster), and you work  with young people in between the ages of 3 and 19, you qualify for this program.

You can receive up to four sessions. After each session, you will fill out a short feedback form and you will then be able to access your next coaching session. There are also ways to earn more coaching sessions as gifts in our program. 

There is a C4E Coaches Profile page that you will have access to after you complete a sign-up form and the Listening from the Heart-Open event. You can see examples of coaching profiles here.  We recommend that you read through the coaches profiles and choose the one whose bio sparks your interest. 

You have two weeks to begin your coaching sessions after you complete the Listening from the Heart-Open pre-coaching event.

We highly recommend you to keep the same coach for all four sessions so that your coach can get to know you and support you more deeply. However, there are situations where you may wish to choose another coach for your other sessions. Our coaching system is set up so you can make all of these choices.

You have two months to complete all four sessions. If you take longer, you must take the Listening from the Heart-Open event again.

  • Choose a goal you want or have already started to move forward with and you want to ensure that you succeed. e.g. “I want better relationships with my students.” “I want to speak up for what I believe in to my supervisor.” “I want to not be afraid anymore about what people think.” “I want to feel happy at work, in my relationships”, etc.

    Remember if you use this approach, to set goals from your perspective and not from another person’s perspectives. (Don’t say, “I want my students to quit yelling at me.” Instead say, “I want to create a classroom and relationships where I am not yelled at anymore.”) This puts YOU in the driver’s seat of your life.

  • Choose something negative or disempowering that you are ready to change.  Are you ready to quit complaining or feeling negatively about something and make a change? i.e. “I want to quit feeling scared to speak up about my curriculum.” “I want to stop worrying about getting fired.” “I want to not feel stressed about not sleeping.” “I am ready to quit feeling sorry for myself and start walking and eating better.”

    Sometimes we have to accept and validate the part of us that is upset, scared, or sad about something in order to begin to step into the other side. This can be a great place to begin coaching because these feelings or thoughts are really up at the moment.

  • Come to the coaching session not knowing what to coach on and check-in. Checking-in with your heart’s intelligence at the start of your coaching session will allow your coaching topic to bubble up to the surface. It always turns out to be what you really needed to focus on!  You will begin to learn how to do this in the Listening from the Heart-Open event.

Your coach will maintain full confidentiality with everything that is shared in any session, formally or informally. Your coach will not report on your progress to anyone other than yourself unless you give him/her/them permission.