Feedback on Coaching Educators

Feedback on Coaching Educators

We offer educators the opportunity of being coached, by a professional coach. We do not ask for money for this service, we do ask for feedback.

For many educators, this is their first experience of being coached, and this is what they write to us:

I think the best part about coaching is that it makes me feel really strong, like there’s nothing that can stop me if I set my mind to it.

I was surprised by how everything is connected, from my heart’s desire to my daily habits.

I was surprised that even though my coach didn’t come from a teaching background, he was able to identify exactly what I needed to work on.

I have personally learned a lot about myself and my potential and capabilities as a leader in the classroom

​I never knew how powerful I was until I was coached. The coaching sessions gave me a safe space to explore my inner thoughts and ideas that I’ve never had the chance to really think about deeply.

I now truly appreciate the power of silence

My biggest two take aways from our sessions together are gaining clarity and focus in terms of what is my immediate next effective step, as well as to shift my mindset to aim higher than I was conditioned to believe.

My coach topped my expectations and over-delivered in a number of ways.

Our sessions involved a lot of introspection, something I’ve never been very comfortable with.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to accept praise and gratitude when you do something well.

Do you want this kind of feedback?

Become a C4E Coach. C4E is signing up certified coaches who are ready to give at least four hours of coaching to educators, at no charge.