Coaches Roundtable

The C4E Coaches Roundtable is a collaborative mastery experience for current C4E coaches as well as prospective C4E coaches.

This participatory event is held on the 2nd Monday of each month.

  • 11:00am-12:30pm EST-New York City time USA;   4:00-5:30 BST-London England time;   8:30-10:00pm IST-Mumbai India Time
  • For current C4E Coaches and prospective C4E Coaches only
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Current C4E Coaches

We thank you for being there to support our C4E educators in amazing coaching experiences. Our C4E educators are so grateful for you! But we know that coaches love and need support also! A Roundtable is the perfect place to grow your coaching for educator skills.

Join us monthly to: 

Prospective C4E Coaches

We thank you for your interest in becoming a C4E coach. You are invited to the Roundtable to see what it is like to be a C4E coach. 

The Roundtable gives you the opportunity to: 

Reminder for Prospective C4E Coaches

The requirements to become a C4E coach are:

  1. Attend the Roundtable to see if you want to become a C4E Coach.
  2. A qualified coaching credential. (View accepted credentialing agencies)
  3. At least 100 hours of coaching after you received your coaching credential.
  4. Personal coaching liability insurance (if applicable in your country).
  5. Sign a i.b.mee.-C4E Coaching Agreement and a volunteer, nondisclosure form for the i.b.mee. nonprofit.
  6. Fill out your Coaching Profile Form.
  7. Offer at least 4 hours of volunteer coaching for educators during a school term (fall, spring, or summer).
  8. Cannot sell your coaching to C4E educators during your volunteer time.
  9. If possible, attend at least 3 C4E Coaches Roundtables each year after you begin coaching for C4E. (not required, but highly encouraged)

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Coaches Roundtable

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